Diana– “Vrei să știi despre ce e vorba pe-aici? 

Hai să începem cu ceea ce fac eu, cu ce mă ocup. Momentan, sunt studentă la Informatică, dar îmi place să-mi pierd vremea cu lucruri mărunte, care nu au legătură cu domeniul IT.

Mai puțin important este cine sunt, dar dacă ești curios, mă vezi în foto. 20 ani, cresc și învăț.

Blogul ăsta e despre viziune și alte chestii interesante.

Desigur, nu te sfii să împarți cu lumea ce găsești folositor pe-aici. “

Andreea (Aceeasieu)

“I find it annoying to manage a blog, so I preffer to post sometimes on this one..What can I say about me? Usually i’m blocked between ideas and end with writing nothing. Like this time. Let’s say i am a teenager, i like photography and i see the world in pictures. That’s all. “

58 thoughts on “Despre

  1. Diana, I’m not old yet but I can say that I’m happier at age 52 than I ever have been. Love. Believe. Imagine Create. Be only and fully yourself. Walk when you could just ride. Sing when you could just talk. Show a picture when telling would suffice. Tell and be truth. I’m halfway there and yes, I think getting old is just fine. Blessings…

  2. Thanks for stopping by. Are you from Europe? Where? I like the photo of the dog, looks like the head of a Rottweiler on a Canaan dog.

  3. Hi Diana 🙂 thank you for my like on my post, I write for my son & didn’t realize people would enjoy it as well but am so pleased people do!

    Have read some of yours & you come across older if that makes you feel happy 😉 what a stunner!! Keep up the photography it’s amazing, it’s a shame you’re not near me I’d hire you to do a photo shoot for my son 🙂

    Amy xxx

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